Thursday, March 31, 2011

Malaysia BLR hike 'positive' on CIMB margin

HwangDBS Vickers Research said an increase in base lending rate by CIMB Bank will have a positive impact on the bank's net interest margin (NIM), assuming competition does not intensify excessively.

"Based on our estimates, every 10 basis points increase in NIM will raise CIMB's 2011 financial year forecast by 4.8 per cent

"We think other banks would likely raise their BLR following CIMB's move," the research firm said in a research note today.

HwangDBS Vickers maintained its buy recommendation on CIMB with a target price of RM10.10.

CIMB Bank and CIMB Islamic Bank announced an increase in BLR and base financing rate from 6.30 per cent to 6.35 per cent.

The change in rates follows Bank Negara Malaysia's announcement to increase the statutory reserve ratio requirement by one per cent to two per cent effective April 1. -- BERNAMA

PUBLIC MUTUAL DECLARED DISTRIBUTION : PAGF & PRSF generated 1 year returns of 22.49% and 21.04%

KUALA LUMPUR: PUBLIC BANK BHD []'s unit, Public Mutual Bhd declared distributions for Public Aggressive Growth Fund and Public Regular Savings Fund for the financial year ended March 31, 2011.

It said on Thursday, March 31 the distribution was nine sen per unit for the Public Aggressive Growth Fund and five sen per unit for the Public Regular Savings Fund.

Public Mutual chief executive officer Yeoh Kim Hong said both funds had outperformed their respective benchmarks and delivered respectable double digit returns for the period ended March 4, 2011. Both funds are open for EPF Members Investment Scheme.

According to The Edge-Lipper Fund Table dated March 14, 2011, the Public Aggressive Growth Fund and Public Regular Savings Fund generated one-year returns of 22.49% and 21.04% respectively for the period ended March 4, 2011.

The investment strategy for the Public Aggressive Growth Fund is to achieve high capital growth over the medium- to long-term period through investments in situational and high growth stocks.

Public Regular Savings Fund targets consistent capital growth with a steady growth of income over the medium- to long-term.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011


DateStock NameLast PricePrice TargetUpside/DownsidePrice CallSource
29/03/2011AEONCR3.884.35+0.47 (12.11%)BUYOSK
29/03/2011ALAM1.001.31+0.31 (31%)BUYECMLIBRA
29/03/2011BSTEAD5.655.20-0.45 (7.96%)BUYAMMB
29/03/2011HELP2.662.82+0.16 (6.01%)BUYOSK
29/03/2011HUAYANG1.522.76+1.24 (81.57%)BUYCIMB
29/03/2011JTIASA6.567.20+0.64 (9.75%)BUYRHB
29/03/2011MEGB1.832.60+0.77 (42.07%)TRADING BUYALLIANCE
29/03/2011PBBANK13.0214.10+1.08 (8.29%)HOLDMAYBANK
29/03/2011POS3.413.80+0.39 (11.43%)BUYHLG
29/03/2011POS3.414.12+0.71 (20.82%)BUYOSK
29/03/2011SAPCRES3.645.12+1.48 (40.65%)BUYCIMB
29/03/2011SAPCRES3.644.00+0.36 (9.89%)BUYMIDF
29/03/2011SILKHLD0.3050.46+0.155 (50.81%)BUYMIDF
29/03/2011TENAGA5.998.10+2.11 (35.22%)BUYHWANGDBS
29/03/2011YTLPOWR2.282.75+0.47 (20.61%)HOLDHWANGDBS
28/03/2011AIRASIA2.652.91+0.26 (9.81%)HOLDUOB
28/03/2011BJCORP1.081.25+0.17 (15.74%)HOLDCIMB
28/03/2011CBIP4.094.70+0.61 (14.91%)BUYHWANGDBS
28/03/2011HELP2.662.82+0.16 (6.01%)BUYOSK
28/03/2011MHB6.806.26-0.54 (7.94%)SELLRHB
28/03/2011NOTION2.092.69+0.60 (28.70%)BUYHLG
28/03/2011PBBANK13.0214.10+1.08 (8.29%)HOLDMAYBANK
28/03/2011PCHEM7.1810.00+2.82 (39.27%)BUYCIMB
28/03/2011TA0.740.80+0.06 (8.10%)HOLDNETRESEARCH
28/03/2011UMCCA7.037.76+0.73 (10.38%)HOLDTA
28/03/2011YTLLAND1.922.70+0.78 (40.62%)BUYHWANGDBS
25/03/2011BHIC4.106.55+2.45 (59.75%)BUYHWANGDBS
25/03/2011GAMUDA3.834.96+1.13 (29.50%)BUYOSK
25/03/2011GAMUDA3.835.60+1.77 (46.21%)BUYCIMB
25/03/2011GAMUDA3.834.12+0.29 (7.57%)HOLDKENANGA
25/03/2011GAMUDA3.834.45+0.62 (16.18%)BUYMAYBANK
25/03/2011KOSSAN3.353.90+0.55 (16.41%)BUYHWANGDBS
25/03/2011KOSSAN3.353.90+0.55 (16.41%)TRADING BUYMIDF
25/03/2011KOSSAN3.355.25+1.90 (56.71%)BUYOSK
25/03/2011MISC7.807.30-0.50 (6.41%)HOLDAMMB
25/03/2011SEG3.444.44+1.00 (29.06%)BUYRHB
24/03/2011AIRASIA2.653.42+0.77 (29.05%)BUYOSK
24/03/2011BHIC4.106.55+2.45 (59.75%)BUYHWANGDBS
24/03/2011GAMUDA3.834.25+0.42 (10.96%)BUYAMMB
24/03/2011HAIO2.141.93-0.21 (9.81%)SELLOSK
24/03/2011HAIO2.141.35-0.79 (36.91%)SELLRHB
24/03/2011JCY0.770.58-0.19 (24.67%)HOLDOSK
24/03/2011KOSSAN3.355.41+2.06 (61.49%)BUYCIMB
24/03/2011KOSSAN3.355.12+1.77 (52.83%)BUYRHB
24/03/2011KSL1.842.40+0.56 (30.43%)BUYRHB
24/03/2011KUB0.8150.885+0.07 (8.58%)BUYCIMB
24/03/2011NOTION2.092.40+0.31 (14.83%)BUYMAYBANK
24/03/2011SIME9.1911.86+2.67 (29.05%)BUYMIDF
24/03/2011SIME9.1911.07+1.88 (20.45%)BUYTA
24/03/2011SIME9.1910.60+1.41 (15.34%)BUYMAYBANK

Source: Investment Company, 29 March 2011