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Top 10 Best Paying Jobs in Malaysia by

Malaysia, 15 January 2014 – A recent Nielsen survey based on the jobseekers in Malaysia showed that when it came to choosing a job, salary is their most important consideration. Candidates who are applying to jobs need to know if the salary for the position matches their expectation. Thanks to a new salary matching feature by, candidates can now be matched to jobs based on their desired salary. is the first job site in Southeast Asia to have introduced this.
To further help candidates gauge whether their salaries are competitive to the market recently did a study to find out the Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Malaysia.
The study showed that most jobs in the top 10 list tend to be technical or science based. Candidates at the executive level who specialized in Medical, Engineering, Finance and IT generally earned above average salary of RM 2,800. As for managerial levels and above, specializations such as IT, Science, and Engineering were compensated better.
The following is the list of jobs with the highest average salaries across all position levels based on the salaries posted by employers on from January 1 – August 31, 2013.

Fresh Graduates
Fresh graduates can expect to get an average salary of RM2,100 per month. Those in Pharmacy can earn RM3,600 as their starting wage. Executives doing corporate strategy come in second, earning a basic pay of RM3,200. Take note that these are just basic salaries, and do not include any other forms of compensation such as leave credits, medical benefits, insurance and incentives.
On average, fresh graduates earn anywhere between RM1,500 and RM3,600 with the average being RM2,100 across most industries.

Junior Executives
Although young doctors can achieve a figure of RM2,700 as a houseman, their salary can quickly increase to about RM3,900 with 3-4 years of experience. Most specializations in the list of Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs for junior level are in the technical field. This includes Process Design& Control, Engineering- Oil/Gas, Aviation, and IT- Software.
On average, junior executives can earn a salary range from RM2,100 to RM3,900, with the average being RM2,800 across all industries.

Senior Executive
For senior executives, the engineering sector pays well for employees. Out of the top 10, they take up three slots in the best paying jobs.
On average, senior executives can earn a salary range from RM3,200 to RM7,500 with the average being RM4,300 across all industries.

Doctors, engineers  and  managers in the aviation specializations draw the highest pay with doctors earning the highest, with an average salary of RM9,500 per month.
On average, managers can earn a salary range from RM3,900 to RM9,500 with the average being RM6,600 across all industries.

Senior Managers
It takes years of experience and expertise before one becomes a senior manager, but all that hard work pays off. Overall,senior managers in specializations such as IT- Hardware, Quality Control/Assurance and Geophysics are the top highest paying job in this position.
On average, senior managers can earn a salary range from RM5,555 to RM18,100 with the average being RM12,800 across all industries.

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