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E-Cosway Pharmacy Advantage/Disadvantage for Pharmacist

Farmasi Cosway

Tycoon Tan Sri Vincent Tan Chee Yioun plans to launch a new retail concept which could instantly make him the pharmacy industry’s leader.
The move means that Tan is making yet another bet on the healthcare sector. He is already the second largest shareholder of hospital operator TMC Life Sciences Bhd and stem cell firm Stemlife Bhd.
The gaming and property businessman wants to set up a venture called eCosway Pharmacy, which will incorporate pharmacies within Cosway stores, Berjaya Group’s direct-selling business.

According to sources, this 2-in-1 concept is expected to take off by year-end. It is understood that an existing Cosway store can add a pharmacy within its premises or an existing pharmacy may have a Cosway store. Alternatively, a new branch that incorporates both can also be set up.

Malaysia now has over 2,000 retail pharmacies which include Guardian, Vitacare and CARiNG.

Cosway, a direct-selling company, sells its products via its vast nationwide network. Its products range from health and nutrition to skincare and kitchenware .
Cosway (M) Sdn Bhd, when contacted by Business Times to comment and provide details of this new business model, said: "Cosway regrets that we are unable to comment at this point of time".

However, work on the new venture has started.

There are advertisements placed on job sites including one on the Malaysian Franchise Association which states that eCosway Pharmacy is looking for qualified pharmacists to partner its business owners.

If this works like how a Cosway store functions, it would mean that Cosway will provide rent-free stores, free renovation, free stock-up, free equipment and pay for electricity.

The Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS) president Datuk Nancy Ho said that it was aware of the business model.

"MPS is conscious about the emergence of this set-up and is finding out more about the scheme to ensure that benchmarking and quality standards of practice are upheld," Ho said.

For Tan, this is not the first pharmacy venture. In January this year, the tycoon, in his personal capacity, bought a minority stake in home-grown CaRiNG Pharmacy. It was reported that this will enable CARiNG Pharmacy to expand faster. A check on CARiNG's website shows that it has about 60 local pharmacies.

It will be interesting to note that should the move take off, it would also benefit the group when dispensing separation takes place.

Updated Information  

Comparison Chart for Running Cosway Pharmacy VS Working in Independent Pharmacy/ Opening Own Pharmacy & Starting a Franchise

Working In Independent Pharmacy
Running a Free Cosway Pharmacy
Working for others
Become own boss
Getting salary
Getting salary as well (Rm5k-Rm8K)
No passive income
Passive Income ( Networking)
No profit sharing
Profit sharing up to 50%
Fix working hour
Able to arrange our time
No EPF (But Salary added 12-13%)
Got annual leave
No annual leave (Treat as your own business)
Learn store management skills
Learn Store management skills
Depend on salary hike or bonus which is one –off.
Passive income is unlimited through power of network.
If stop working, no money for us
If able to achieve enough passive income, able to achieve financial freedom
Able to choose outlet location
Able to choose outlet location

Opening own Pharmacy
Running a Free Cosway Pharmacy
High initial investment
No investment required
High cost like marketing/ advertisement
Marketing / advertisement done by company
Building lease or purchase cost
Cosway pays the lease
Branding may not strong
Good branding ( Established since 1979)
May work individually
Work in team ( Back up by Berjaya Corporation under Tan Sri Vincent tan)
Potential customer will be lesser
More potential customer through cosway network nationwide
Very low risk
Price of product is less competitive
Price of product is more competitive
May work individually
Work in team ( Back up by Berjaya Corporation under Tan Sri Vincent tan)
No guarantee income
Guarantee income (Rm5k-Rm8K)
Single source of income
Multiple streams of income
Depend on active income
Achieve financial freedom through passive income

Buying a Franchise
Running a Free Cosway Pharmacy
High initial investment
No investment required
Ongoing franchise fees
No fees charged
Building lease or purchase cost
Cosway pays the lease
Limited products or services
Unlimited product range
Buying yourself a job
Create time & financial freedom
Single source of profit
Multiple streams of profit

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