Monday, June 10, 2013

Do you know how to spot a millionaire?

“Don’t worry, they’re millionaires all right. It’s just cool now for the rich to dress down.”“Don’t worry, they’re millionaires all right. It’s just cool now for the rich to dress down.”
He can't be a millionaire! Adam looks so ordinary, nondescript even. Girls would have passed him by as he only owns a nice but second-hand Toyota and lives in a modest place. However, little do they know that he is a millionaire.
HOW do you define a millionaire? Someone who has a big car and house? Well, no.
Being one simply means that if you had to pay off all your debts, you would still have RM1mil in assets (be it in savings, fixed deposits, managed funds, stocks or properties).

What is Adam like and how did he become a millionaire?
1. He is only mildly impressed when you show off your Jaguar or your penthouse. He does not care what you think of him for buying a second hand car and living away from the city.
2. He has been stashing a large percentage of his savings away without thinking ever since he was in his early twenties. He knows that if you keep spending less than what you earn, you are going to be able to spend more when you no longer earn.
3. He puts that savings to work in an investment which gives him a decent rate of return. His investments are in a simple portfolio in assets which he understands.
4. He knows his financial standing or looks at it once in six months. Growing his net worth is his aim.
5. He pays his credit card in full every month. He knows that if he can't afford to pay in full every month, he simply can't afford it.
6. He keeps himself busy with getting a second income or spending more hours into his current job. Both will likely improve his cash flow as these will normally translate to a pay rise. Besides, being busy keeps him from spending.
7. He is relaxed as he is likely in a job he loves and has not much worry about money, as he has made a financial safety net for himself.
Yup, he may not look it but his net worth confirms he is a millionaire. Will you be one too? It's time you do your own financial health check. Talk to your financial planner today.

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