Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why the Rich Don't Work for Money

This is probably the most important step to start understanding how to create wealth in your life.
Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) explains that there is a trap most people fall into that is fueled by fear and greed.  It is the trap of trading your life for money and almost everyone has their price.
Once the right price is offered, by a company or job, the snare is set.  The fear of not having money to buy the necessities in life is the emotion that causes people to seek out jobs.
It is the short-term satisfaction of finally getting a "paycheck"  and starting to think of all the things you can buy with it that traps a person.  The fear of not having this "paycheck" causes a person to continue waking up early and wasting their life away at a job they probably don't even like. And all it takes to keep them in the trap is a measly little raise each year that probably doesn't change anything in their life.
So, working hard for money will never change your life. A job is actually a short-term solution to a life-long problem.  It only solves the problem for the time being because as soon as you stop working the money stops and the problem persists.

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