Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nielsen study: Malaysian women optimistic of daughters' future

KUALA LUMPUR: Women in Malaysia along with those in Turkey and Nigeria were the most optimistic of their daughters' future, a survey by Nielsen, a global information and measurement company, revealed recently.
Its “Nielsen Women of Tomorrow Study” showed that 77 per cent of women in emerging countries believed that there would be improvements for their daughters in areas like access to technology, education, travel, financial stability, purchasing power and careers.
But only 48 per cent in developed countries felt optimistic.
The Nielsen study revealed that education and access to technology were fuelling tomorrow's optimism as women around the world knew that one vital way towards a better life was through education.
It said that women's access to higher education was considered an established standard in developed economies but in emerging countries, attending college was often a luxury and therefore the aspiration towards higher education was much higher.
The study was conducted between February and April 2011, polling nearly 6,500 women in 21 developed and emerging countries throughout Asia Pacific, including Malaysia, Europe, Latin America, Africa and North America. The countries in the study represented 60 per cent of the world's population and nearly 80 per cent of the GDP.
Children's education was a strong priority for women in Malaysia, India and Nigeria, especially in saving for their future education if their incomes increased, the study showed.
The study said better access to education, improved career opportunities and higher pay scales in both developed and emerging economies were paving the way for a rise in women's economic power.
As such, nearly 80 per cent of the women surveyed believed that the role of women was changing, and that 90 per cent of them in this category felt that it was changing for the better.
The majority of women surveyed also believed that they had more opportunities than their mothers in terms of personal financial stability and better healthcare, and a plateau of hope for the future has emerged.- Bernama

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