Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Proboscis Monkey Tour Package in Sabah

Teratak Klias

Our Teratak Riverside Wildlife Park, situated around 30 minutes from Beaufort town is gazetted under bird sanctuary for wildlife reserve. Due to protected area status, visitors able to view proboscis monkey at nearer distance with large number of fireflies. 

A river cruise that offers visitor spectacular view of mother-nature.

Our Teratak Riverside Protected Wildlife Park provide exotic experience to visitor, which is yet highly commercialized as compare to Klias Wetland.

Due to protected wildlife sanctuary status, visitor can view proboscis at closer distance with larger group of proboscis.

The very agile and wild silver leaf monkeys as well as naughty macaques are also abundantly found here. Other wildlife such crocodiles, monitor lizards, varieties of coastal bids , borneon bats can be observed too if lucky enough.

Egret birds can be found here which cant be seen in Klias Wetland. 

Unique species of monkey can be found here

Tour package to Klias Wetland or Teratak Riverside Wildlife Park from as low as RM70.00 per pax (Min 4 person) .Our exclusive package includes:

1.Boat transfer
2.Light tea time
3.Fireflies/Proboscis/Bird watching
4. Exotic local dinner
Light tea time will be served before river cruise started.

Delicious local food will be served. (curry chicken, crab/prawn, fish)

Time (Estimated):  4pm-8pm

Attention: Wildlife reserve status is not applicable in Klias Wetland River Cruise.  Thus, we recommend visitor to visit our Teratak Riverside Park which is yet highly commercialized.

Car rental service with map may be provided with extra charges for those from Kota Kinabalu to our park. Car rental service is less than RM200 per day depend on type of car.

Any inquiry, kindly sms/call us, Ben- 012-7334511 or Adi 013-4133246.

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