Friday, June 12, 2009


Two Dads Two Philosophies

Rich Dad Poor Dad’s monumental success showed that Robert and wife Kim
Kiyosaki, co-founders of The Rich Dad Company, were on the right track
in their mission to educate and empower people by improving their
financial literacy.

Robert’s financial philosophy was honed at a young age when, having
been raised by two “dads,” a rich one and a poor one, he had been
taught to strive for two different goals. His educated father (his real
father) wanted him to go to school and get a cozy corporate job. His
rich father (his best friend’s father) told him to own the corporation.

Both men were successful in their careers and earned substantial
incomes. Yet one struggled financially his entire life. The other would
become one of the richest men in Hawaii. One left his family with
millions, while the other left unpaid bills. Both men valued education
but different courses of study.

Both had different views of money—one
believed money to be the root of all evil; the other believed the lack
of money was the root of all evil.

Robert Kiyosaki compares his poor dad to those people who are perpetually
scampering in the Rat Race, helplessly trapped in a vicious cycle of
needing more but never able to satisfy their dreams for wealth because
of one glaring lack: financial literacy. They spend so much time in
school learning about the problems of the world, but have not acquired
any valuable lessons about money, simply because it is
never taught in

As a young man having two “fathers,” Kiyosaki realized he needed to be
careful about which thoughts and words he adopted as his own. At 9, he
decided to listen to and learn from his rich dad about money. And in
doing so, his education about money began. His rich dad taught him over
a period of 30 years, finishing when he fully understood that money is
only one form of power.

To put in short, financial education is where the real power
lies. Any comment and opinon is welcomed.

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