Friday, June 12, 2009


Important forms of IQ

It’s been 11 years since the publication of Rich Dad Poor Dad. RobertKiyosaki’s mega-hit best seller not only challenged our preconceptionsabout money, it cast light on what he says is an antiquated educationsystem that teaches subjects which mostly will never apply in real life,preparing for a world that will never exist.

I must admit after finished reading Robert Kiyosaki, it makes me understand the importance of Financial IQ. Everyone of us have this type of IQ, just need time, commitment and guidance to further nurture this very useful IQ.

In his book Poor dad, Rich dad, Robert Kiyosaki presents six major lessons which he discusses throughout the book:

The rich don’t work for money
The importance of financial literacy
Minding Your own business
Taxes and corporations
The rich invent money
The need to work to learn and not to work for money

There were hundreds of financial books, in his view, that said the samething. He wanted to let the education system know that it was a failure for the current system in teaching children what they need for financial success. He wanted toshake up parents by telling them some of the most dangerous advice theycould give their children was to go to school, get good grades and lookfor a safe secure job.

This advice was based on the old rules of money when people worked for one company for 30 years and retired with a fat pension. Those days arelong gone. With corporate mergers and downsizing happening every month,Robert Kiyosaki says it’s just too risky to play by the old rules. In the end, employees lose and owners and investors win.

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