Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bursa Malaysia: Masterskill to venture into business programmes with Newcastle

KUALA LUMPUR: Masterskill Education Group Bhd (MEGB) is venturing into the provision of undergraduate business programmes in a tie-up with The University of Newcastle.

MEGB said on Wednesday, April 27 the proposal covered the bachelor of business and bachelor of commerce programmes.

It said under the arrangement, students who had successfully completed Part One of the programme at Masterskill, Newcastle will give one year (80 units) advanced standing into Part Two of the programmes.

'This agreement is in line with Masterskill's planning for its diversification into other fields of education,' said the company.

MEGB is principally involved in the provision of education in nursing and allied health sciences in the healthcare industry.

MEGB said it would market the programmes in Indonesia and Malaysia and be responsible for advertising. It would also be responsible for all local programme administration and organise student enrolments.

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