Sunday, April 24, 2011

Forbes List of World Top Billionaires 2011

Forbes list of billionaires (2011)

The following list is Forbes ranking of an assessment of the wealth and assets of the world's billionaires as of March 10, 2011, and does not reflect changes since then. There are 1,210 names in this year’s list.[2]
steadyHas not changed from the list for 2010.
increaseHas increased from the list for 2010.
decreaseHas decreased from the list for 2010.
No.↓Name↓Net worth (USD)↓Age↓Citizenship↓Residence↓Sources of wealth↓
1steadyCarlos Slim Helú and family$74.0 billion increase71 Mexico MexicoTelmexAmérica MóvilGrupo Carso
2steadyBill Gates$56.0 billion increase55 United States United StatesMicrosoft
3steadyWarren Buffett$50.0 billion increase80 United States United StatesBerkshire Hathaway
4increaseBernard Arnault$41.0 billion increase62 France FranceLVMH Moët Hennessy • Louis Vuitton
5increaseLawrence Ellison$39.5 billion increase66 United States United StatesOracle Corporation
6decreaseLakshmi Mittal$31.1 billion increase60 India United KingdomArcelor Mittal
7increaseAmancio Ortega$31.0 billion increase74 Spain SpainInditex Group
8steadyEike Batista$30.0 billion increase53 Brazil BrazilEBX Group
9decreaseMukesh Ambani$27.0 billion increase53 India IndiaReliance Industries
10increaseChristy Walton$26.5 billion increase55 United States United StatesWalmart
11increaseLi Ka-shing$26.0 billion increase82 Hong Kong Hong KongCheung Kong Holdings
12decreaseKarl Albrecht$25.5 billion increase91 Germany GermanyAldi Süd
13steadyStefan Persson$24.5 billion increase63 Sweden SwedenHennes & Mauritz
14increaseVladimir Lisin$24.0 billion increase54 Russia RussiaNovolipetsk Steel
15increaseLiliane Bettencourt$23.5 billion increase88 France FranceL'Oréal
16increaseSheldon Adelson$23.3 billion increase77 United States United StatesLas Vegas Sands
17increaseDavid Thomson and family$23 billion increase53 Canada CanadaThomson Reuters
18increaseCharles G. Koch$22 billion increase75 United States United StatesKoch Industries
18increaseDavid H. Koch$22 billion increase70 United States United StatesKoch Industries
20decreaseJim Walton$21.3 billion increase63 United States United StatesWalmart

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