Friday, April 15, 2011


One of the most liberal idea of famous Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki is that SAVERS are LOSERS! Yes, you’ve heard it right, Kiyosaki said that savers are losers! You may think that this is in contrast with the notion of personal finance as it talks about saving money but no it isn’t.
Just like in Sports like the upcoming 2010 Winter Olympics, an athlete must first prepare to achieve his end goal. He then sees the end of the line before he even starts. In preparing for the big event, he must exercise and condition his body, prepare for some tactics and improve his skills to perform well. Tactics are “techniques” to reach the goal earlier than the rest and thus, it is imperative to study these techniques to win the game.

Robert Kiyosaki: Why Saver is Loser
In achieving financial freedom, it’s not always sufficient to just save for money. That’s why Kiyosaki said Savers are Losers. One must know how to invest their money to fight inflation. The very goal of investing is to have an additional income because the value of our money decreases as an effect of inflation. The value of your money today is not the same as the value of your money one month ago because of inflation.
Savers are losers because they only know how to save money in the bank through bank deposits which give them very little interest income not even enough to outgrow inflation. One must build several assets that are income producing to become passive income earner. Therefore, savings should be used to invest in assets. By assets, I mean those investment vehicles that puts in money into your pocket.
Savers are losers because they deprive themselves of the comforts that money can buy. It may seem conflicting but what Kiyosaki really mean is that we should know how to properly invest our money to have passive income and use this passive buy our wants, preventing ourselves from deprivation.

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